North Carolina Contractors Insurance

Contractors Insurance is absolutely necessary for contractors. If it’s not a real accident, it’s someone claiming to have one, and the cost alone of a lawyer to defend a contractor can be enough to put a business out. From General Liability Insurance to Workers Compensation Insurance and Insurance for your equipment, tools and trucks, contractors need professional insurance advice from an agent with experience in helping insure those in the construction business.

Leaving these issues to just any general insurance agent could leave the artisan contractor with many uncovered exposures. Don’t chance your business and your livelihood to just any insurance agent. Be sure that you deal with an agent who understands your business.

Clinard Insurance Group has vast experience insuring artisan contractors all across the state of North Carolina. We understand that just because you work in the construction industry doesn’t mean that you have the same insurance needs and issues as every other type of contractor out there. That is why we have developed specific niche programs for several of the different types of contractors that we insure most often. Check the list of our construction programs to the left and click on the one that represents your business. Then give us a call, toll free, at 877-687-7557 and put our experienced and friendly agents to work for you to get you the coverage you need at rates that will knock your socks off.