North Carolina Condo Insurance

Condo InsuranceCondominium owners have very unique issues when it comes to buying condo insurance. This is because, while you own the space inside the walls, what you actually have to insure in that space varies greatly, depending on what the master policy for your condo complex covers. To start you would need insurance for your personal property inside your condo and personal liability insurance as well.  Here's where it gets tricky, do you need insurance to cover the kitchen cabinets, paint and wallpaper? The answer is maybe. It all depends on what your master policy covers.  You will need to know that if you have double coverage between your condo insurance and your master policy, that can create problems after a loss.

Don’t trust your condo insurance to luck. You need a trained and experienced professional agent to help you evaluate your condo association master policy and help you set up a condo policy that lets your coverage match up seamlessly with your association master policy. To help avoid those double coverage issues.

Pick up the phone and call us, right away. Our agents will take as much time as you need to fully understand the ins and outs of your condominium insurance policy, then we will shop the marketplace for you to find the best possible price for your specific situation. Our professional and personal care attention and advice won’t cost you a dime, in fact, using our experience can save you up to 27% on your condominium owners insurance policy.